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Micah-LipsmeyerBaton Rouge Guitar Lessons is owned and operated by Micah Lipsmeyer who is a full-time writing/performing/teaching musician. Micah has been in music full time for the past decade playing hundreds and hundreds of live shows locally as well as throughout the United States. Micah has helped thousands of people learn to play guitar over the years as well as trained other professionally performing musicians to better their craft. He has spent time in Nashville songwriting as well as time recording professionally in the studio. You can currently catch Micah performing locally with his band Micah and The Gunslingers. He is actively teaching along with his other instructors here at Baton Rouge Guitar Lessons as well as his online learning platform www.90DayGuitar.com. In the past, he has actively taken part in the Music Careers Mentoring Program and was formerly a member of EGTIC (Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle). Micah keeps direct communication with his own personal mentors and trainers to consistently enhance his personal growth as a musician.

“You want to be a player that can play the music you like…I’ll teach you to become that player. If you want to write your own songs, I’ll help you start and FINISH songs that you will enjoy playing and other will enjoy hearing. Your learning pace will be consistent and efficient, and your growth as a player will be substantial. You don’t just need lessons…you need a teacher, a coach, a trainer, a mentor, and a motivator. You want to get better faster and you don’t want to develop improper hand-form or bad habits that slow you down. I’ll help you reach each and every goal you have, as well as help you set new, higher goals and set a pace to reach those goals efficiently.”

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